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Alien Invaders such as Black Wattle and Blue Gum have become an increasingly invasive pest on the KZN landscape, wiping out pristine indigenous forest with their escalating exotic presence. These plants have a deep root system, and grow quickly, sucking out the nutrients from the soil and using any available water leaving little or no food or water for the other indigenous species trying to survive among them. As they push the indigenous plant species out, so the insect bird and animal life are compromised as their natural food sources are no longer available.

Looking back to the inception of 101 Acutts, the landscape was nothing more than sugar cane fields. And once the lands were cleared for the development, pre-populated alien plant invaders had the opportunity to spread and take over at an alarming rate.

To protect the environment of the 101 Acutts Estate, the developer embarked on a massive eco-project, eradicating the encroaching exotic species. The gum & wattle was felled and transported to timber mills, leaving behind an indigenous forest which can now breathe in the sunlight and grow faster with the resultant increase in water, in turn supporting all the birds and insects in this natural environment.

Within a few short years, there should be a complete flora revival, along with a resurgence of the resident fauna – duiker, bushbuck, porcupine and rock hyrax amongst others – for the homeowners to enjoy. And there will be a beautiful 5km loop that can be enjoyed by the residents of 101 Acutts, proposed to be suitable for walking, running and mountain biking. What a pleasure to have all of that right on our doorsteps!

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